New Beginnings

I’ve decided to retire this site. Since new years are also new beginnings, this feels like an opportune time to start some new things:

Professional/academic things can be found here.

Writing about art, of the more personal nature, now lives here.

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Over there lies the sea


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Food in Technicolor





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Taipei by night

TPE by night from EVA air bus

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Bruce Nauman: The True Artist Helps the World by Revealing Mystic Truths, 1967

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Totally Installator Worthy

How to get an elephant into a museum: installing new work at MASS MoCA.  Photograph stolen from the MASS MoCA website.

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Yes, please: Bibliophilia

Yes, please: Bibliophilia

Some day, I will have walls of books, too. Though I’d prefer it if the books were shelved “library style,” and organized with LOC call numbers.

That some day, by the way, is almost here. My library is growing at an alarming rate. One of the consequences of graduate school.

Photograph by Todd Selby, “borrowed” from

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In the 21st century, all the cool kids want to own pop-up restaurants?

At least, this is what the New York Times claimed in a recent article.  Eat, Talk, Tweet  (The NYT is probably not a trustworthy arbiter of coolness, but we’ll let that slide for the moment.)

According to the Times, artisanal food production represents, for the 2010s, something equivalent to the avant-garde art scene of the 1970s and 80s.  If this is true, and the cutting edge of culture now lies in the locavore chef’s kitchen rather than the artist’s atelier, are we witnessing a democratization of culture, or a blossoming of hedonism?

Here are some choice quotes from John Leland’s article: “Eric Demby, a founder of the food-friendly Brooklyn Flea and its all-food offshoot, Smorgasburg, compared the current food moment to New York’s fine-arts scene of the 1970s and ’80s, when “art had an underground cachet” and artists used new places and media to make their names.”

“‘The food vendors are like artists,” Mr. Demby said. “You’re eating, but also meeting the people who are making these things and creating the culture. The people themselves are quite cool: they often live in your neighborhood; they quit some job or want to quit some job. You’re not talking to a celebrity.'”

“Some readers may object that a well-made kimchi taco is not the equivalent of a Basquiat canvas, but others will remember that such high-blown rhetoric attended the 1980s’ art world as well.”


Remember “Meat Joy”?

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“Snacks of the Great Scribblers” by Wendy McNaughton

Thanks to Pixar’s Cereal Bar video, we have definitive proof that cereal fuels creativity.  But what do other creative types choose to eat?  Wendy McNaughton was moved to create this illustration (for the New York Times) after she began investigating the “snacks of the great scribblers.”

Marcel Proust and I share the same penchant for espresso — and like Proust, I often write in bed, though unlike Proust, I do not insist on writing everything out on tiny slips of paper.  I do still write in longhand, but since I type everything up, all of those longhand sentences wind up converted to 0’s and 1’s, and the scribbled sheets wind up in the recycling bin, along with the egg crates, cereal boxes, and discarded mail-order catalogs.

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Things we do at the beach

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